Biana Nguyen

247Apps.Mobi Founder and Opensource Web Developer, passionate about leadership, agility, web technologies, and open-source. Developer and maintainer of popular open-source libraries:

– TechAdmin UI, APIMan browser application, Tech Blog
– WordPress plug-ins: ServiceTicketMan, NgLaundryPortal
– Web Applications: Restaurant Order Process and Manager, Limousine Service Manager

Thank you for reading our programming development free-accessed blog. Our main focus is to implement web technologies & engineering to serve businesses better and more efficient. All articles and images in this blog are originated and created by Biana Custom Web Services. If you have any question, please drop us a line or call us during the office hours from Monday through Friday from 9AM – 6PM. If you have any emergency such as fixing bugs or adding new functions or codes for your business websites, web applications or online shopping carts, please contact us directly.

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