MealPrepGenie – How It Works

Customers order meals and subscribe for meals online

Customer Ordering Process


Customer will choose a meal plan.

  • One time order
  • Weekly meal plan
  • Weekly or Monthly Subscription
  • By the pound ( AL A CARTE)
  • Healthy Snacks (optional)

Customer will then choose delivery or pick up location.

Next customer can CHECKOUT & make payment.

After payment is complete, customer will get a confirmation number and date of delivery/pickup.

For one time orders and weekly meal plans; customers will have an option to choose Small, medium, and large size meals.

  • Small: 4oz Proteins, 3oz carbs, ½ cup green vegetables
  • Medium: 6oz proteins, 4oz carbs, 1 cup green vegetables
  • Large: 8oz proteins, 8oz carbs, 1 cup green vegetables

All size meals have a double veg option which replaces your carbs with a double serving of green vegetables

Customers can also order bulk proteins, carbohydrates, & green vegetables by the pound (ALA CARTE)


Delivery/Pick Up


After each customer chooses their meals/meal plan they will have a choice to choose either delivery or pick up at a pick up location.

Deliveries will be dropped off at a home or place of business.

Pick up locations (optional) are businesses you partner up with for customers to pick up their orders through out the day.

Example: gyms, nutrition stores and other store fronts.

We can add as many pick up locations as you need.